Seeking free online question bank

Hi, Where can I find tons of questions with detailed answers broken out by category? I’d like them in printable from rather than software like Schweser ‘question bank’ Also free is better if possible. Any websites like this? Thanks

stalkey, I can’t attest to the quality or accuracy of the questions, but Investopedia appears to offer a free online L1 Exam at: Cheers, Patrick

Patrick, Are those questions at Investopedia recent enough? Would it be a good gauge for the 2010 exam? Thanks in advance, Mythos

Mythos, Apologies for not having my message sent sooner. Actually, I responded immediately to your message, but AF sent my response to a moderator, and was never posted for some reason. To answer your question, I cannot attest to the recency of the questions on Investopedia. Investopedia is a great site to look up financial definitions and concepts, but I’m not sure what the quality of the tests are or how close they are to the actual exam. It would be safer to stick with the CFAI mock and sample exams, as well as the prep programs, like Stalla and Schweser. The main point is to work out your brain and get it into fit problem-solving shape by doing as many problems as possible to ensure you make through the CFA marathon. Best of luck! Patrick