Seema Mody

Give this woman some more air time.

Indian poster identified! (?)

She’s got that exotic look that I like, looks a bit cuban. - i dont discriminate.


Meh. Seema Mody < Yanet Garcia.

Why don’t we just have 100% female cast on CNBC (or is it Bloomberg)? I’ve never seen a single person comment “wow, Rick Santelli is so great, put him more on TV”. Yet, these comments arise regularly for the female news people. So clearly, the optimal strategy is for the channel to go all chicks. I should post this on some women focus websites. I expect praise for my support for female professionals.

Carol masser FTW. I get a stifffy just from the sound of her sexy voice

Never ever meet these women. Your fantasies will be ruined.

i think the U.S. needs to just be honest with itself – *naked* financial news is where we’re headed, why not just get on with it?

^ As long as that naked financial news doesnt involve a naked cramer or santelli im on board

Spill it.

^ Yeah. How do you know G?

They dont look nearly as good in person without all that makeup and lighting I would assume. Most celebs dont look nearly as good as they do on tv/magazines etc.

Yanet Gracia is a dime, no doubt about that.

I personally would like young interns to speak on behalf of all the ceos who are interviewed. They will just act as a median.

Thats basically true for all women. I remember, in a past life, waking up to a girl who’s face was still on my pillow and her “true face” looking like some creature from the walking dead.