Seema Mody

Where have you been my entire life?

that’s my wife bro…well if you mixed her w/ an eva mendes looking latina and sprinkled in some lea michelle. true story.

^Yeaaaa budddy!!! Lightttt weight!

When I googled her, I expected some HCB. How is she different from the dozens we see everyday on the streets?

+1 on Seema Mody. I wake up a little after 4am everyday to study before work, and I catch her on Worldwide Exchange or whatever it’s called. Last year Kelly Evans was on it and she was amazing, too. I’m always so disappointed when Louisa Bojesen is filling in for Seema. Great smile, great body. Just fantastic.

I’m gonna have to side with FT on this one. Based on Google, pretty “meh”.

she used to work in an indian business channel before…surpising yall find her pretty hot! i mean she is pretty average for a female business news anchor?

google sonia shenoy cnbc tv-18 instead

Unexceptional but still hot.

Unexceptional if you’ve just found out abt her through google images

IMHO, she’s hotttttt - I’d give her tech coverage to the much older one’s at the channel and give her more airtime.

Well, this is an example of how different looks get different guys’ hearts and hands a-pumpin’. Personally, I think she’s attractive, but nothing that would make me ask “where have you been all my life.”

Decent looking but not a knockout

I think people like the combination of looks, accent, what she says (as this might communicate intelligence), and the overall picture.

I should not waste my time talking about girls I’ll never meet on a message board two+ weeks from what is hopefully my last CFA exam, but…

I get the lack of enthusiasm on the internet pictures. However, for me, Seema has the “it” factor. At least on camera, she’s always smiling and she’s got a charismatic personality…very likable. Plus, CNBC has worked with her and made her more gradually more attractive over time. I don’t know CNBC does it, but they know what they are doing in that department. They do magic there with these women.

Now, back to GIPS…

yes please