Seems a bit excessive


Buy a $1500 backpack so you can escape your office through the window if this scenario were to occur.

how did the bad guys get into the building?

If he had armed himself (as is his God-given right, protected by the 2nd amendment), he could have shot the dude in the back. Problem solved. Just saying.

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Go through the air vents. It works in the movies!

Two things — is what that guy did for a living really important enough to send those guys there to whack him? Second — nice guy, saves himself and leaves his coworkers there. So dumb on multiple fronts, that ad…

What makes you think that the guy’s in the US? Maybe he’s in Cyprus, where the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply.

So whats this guy supposed to be, an accountant?

Also, what if youre in an office where the windows either don’t open, or they only open so theres maybe like a 10" slit? I wouldnt wanna try to like… throw a chair through or something… if I had to go through I may get cut… and what if the buildings management doesnt want me to put a hook in the cieling for the carabeiner? Too many questions.

Those worker bees sure made it to the lobby PDQ!!! Maybe it’s Boss Man who’s the total mensch, staying behind to make sure all the employees have been safely evacuated.