Seems a little quiet

Yeah zim that blows man. You’re boss gonna give you any love for the hard work over the weekend and give you some comp days before the exam?

not lame at all…this time next week you’ll be doing shots off asian hookers…keep up the work. Zimmer…we got this bro.

Unbelievable goal. Unreal.



That was a bullcrap call, but I like it.

Wow, the Pens just missed their opportunity.

You cant miss a 5-3 vs. detroit… damn…

Yeah. I will be surprised if they score now.

That was a sick save.

That was a pretty good game…even if the Pens lost.

you guys are more fired up about this than the lakers v celtics final, aren’t you? i wish i could get into hockey like that.

I love hockey, probably won’t get to watch any this year though. Unless they get to game 7, which isn’t likely, cause wouldn’t that be sat or sun night?


That would be perfect, nothing would make me happier than to catch an epic game 7 after the test.

Its not going back to Pitt… Great game…better outcome! go wings…now back to your regularly scheduled program, CFA penetration.

Squirrel24, I don’t know why, but your name always cracks me up when I see it.

Smarshy’s dream was to start one thread that got to 2 pages…seems like there is one every couple of days now.

Swanny, if you only knew…it came from Hot Dog the movie.

Will have to rewatch with that in mind.