seems far dream to pass 2012 but May be next year 2013 L1

Done with Quants, Ethics, FRA and 25 % Economics…

Going to field fr 3 days. ( Engineer cant help)…after coming back lot to cover…and revise

My plan :

29 -30 : Corporate finance ( 8 hour of reading, 8 hour of practice )

31-2:Portfolio Management

3-5:Market thingy ( dont event remember its name )

6-8: Equity Analysis

9-13 Fixed income ( weekend is here , so chances that will finish it)

14-15 : Derivatives

16-17 AI

18-20 75% Economics

21st till 30 ( Practice questions and Mock test), watch videos side by side for revising stuff

If i fail, will register in Feb and will be more ready next time…


I’m in the same boat. I’ve read Ethics, done maybe 50% of Quant and 25% of Economics. Work just got crazy after I registered and I wasn’t able to put in the time I thought I would be able to.

I went through business school but haven’t really had much exposure to Quant or Financial Statements for the last decade so I’m pretty much starting from scratch. I don’t expect to pass this time, but will go through with writing the exam anyways. Maybe I’ll give it a proper shot in June.

Good luck man!