Seen CFA mock questions before?



I am attacking the last CFA mock (not the one dubbed ‘March’ mock) and note that some questions are quite similar (read: the same) as the practice test questions.

Is that the case or am i going mad?

If so, I feel pretty short changed as i have been working up this mock to gauge preparedness, and i am faced with questions i have already done.

Any views on this please?

The CFAI themselves said that mock would have recycled questions from the practice tests.

I didn’t even bother with that mock

Bummer, missed that!

Where/when did they say that if you dont mind me asking?

Thanks for the response,

They said it sometime after they released that first mock, on their website. They said they would release a new mock with newer questions sometime later which is what i think they did with the March Mock.

ps. The march mock has two item sets repeated word for word from the 2013 mock.

They recycle more than they let on.


Same boat.

This was actually highlighted in the forum long back but I didn’t notice it. Silly me.

I started off with 2011 mock… did till 2013 and also finished all sectional tests of 2014 (big mistake!)… Scoring around 58-64%.

Then - I revised everything and worked hard on weak areas - and had planned to take the 2014 to gauge my preparedness… Only to realise that most are refurbished questions! :frowning:

Hi is the mock you are referring to macharia? What is name of first question… ? Since they ve put them in PDF I cannot recognize whic is of march and I m going through mocks now.

The first question of the morning session of the ‘recycled’ mock is entitled ‘LaCompte’

CFAI really dropped the ball with the mock being exactly the same as the practice questions. Like others, I had already done the practice questions but assumed I still had 2 CFAI mocks to do…only to find of course that the non-March mock was just the practice questions all over again. Why have practice questions…and then a mock directly below those practice questions…with the exact same questions. Seems silly to me to even include that and call it a mock.

Agreed. They should have at least put in big flashing letters that one mock is just the same as the practice tests.

i know they mentioned it somewhere along the line, but it can’t have been that obvious given that I missed it along with others.

There is literally no point in it being on there, it only serves to confuse people. You could just time the practice tests and it would be the same

this year CFAI did no do great job at all with web site, practice questions and so on. i was confused as you are.

they should send some notification or some kind of e-mail or something that there are no new mocks this year, just recycled version from previous years.

this latest development is very strange. I was wondering, what is behind this - maybe they want suden increase in passing rate? I am just quessing.

I noticed today. So both the mocks, I mean the AM and PM section of the first mock (non-March mock) are all set of same questions, right?