Segmentation (Rising, Falling) etc

I keep running across questions with this concept and am begining to feel i don’t understand what THEY mean by these terms… any one care to elaborate? TIA

I have trouble with this too, if segmentation is falling, I am guessing there are too many entrants and the product is becoming a commodity —> less attractive industry Not sure if its the right logic.

I guess that is what they are looking for…although I definitely thought it would be the opposite and got that wrong on mock 1…more competition so more incentive to segment for any hope of price making…I kept thinking about all the different kinds of toothpaste. I thought wrong.

ok …so i got that wrong…and as silly as it seemed…i went searching for it through the texts… Product Segmentation is the ABILITY of a firm to differentiate it’s product from the competitors around it… so in that question when they said this is falling - they were basicallly implying that no one product is able to stand out against another… nib is on the right track there…so it becomes a less attractive industry too…

ahhh now it makes sense – you guys are great silly me tried to use LOGIC and looked at segmenation as the attempt of market participants to differentiate … but it’s really about the actual ABILITY thanks mumukada