Self Evaluations

For those that are asked to fill out a self assessment for an upcoming review how do you handle it? Do you tell them that you knocked it out of the park or are you humble?

"Do you tell them that you knocked it out of the park " I tried doing that once but my boss humbled me.

If you knocked it out of the park, make sure your boss knows that YOU know it. There are certainly people who did not knock it out of the park - why lump yourself in with them? It will help keep it in the front of the HR staff /your manager’s mind that you performed well even though things are crumbling elsewhere. Come next review, you don’t want them to look back at this one and say “eh, they performed okay last year”. You want them to say “this is a top performer!”.

I think you want to have some objectivity about what you’ve actually accomplished and what your areas of improvement are, but for the most part I have always given myself great marks for self-evaluation. I feel like not doing so just sets a negative tone for you; what benefits do you have about being humble when you’re discussing review and compensation with your managers? None, I think…

my 2c lay out the facts and whether or not you knocked it out the box will take care of itself. stick to facts and avoid making it sound like a sales pitch. just to keep it balanced i listed ‘areas for improvement’, not as negatives but as goals for the coming year. when you’re done listing everything out, the kind of year you had should be apparent.

We have something akin to a 1-5 rating scale over several categories. I generally give myself a 3 or 4 in each category so I don’t appear too cocky and then provide stats/accomplishments in the comments area that suggest a 4 or 5 is more appropriate. This has worked out well for me over the years.


You want to always within reason boast yourself. If you put down that you are a poor or average performer, your manager will be more likely to side with you.

we have the same 1-5 scale, but only managers can give you the ratings. In self assessment I answered some qns and bragged a little about what I did. You do not want to give negative impression of yourself and I agree with numi here about projecting a positive image to others atleast in the workplace. And about rating thing earlier, everyone who got a rating of 2 or below was asked to leave.

There’s a lot of room to write, but there’s also the 5 point scale on a dozen or so areas. I’ve always given myself 4s and 5s, but maybe 3s and 4s with some 5ish comments is the way to go. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Give yourself 4s and 5s.