Self Hypnosis

Anyone do this?

Yes, it’s called edging.

I get enough brainwashing between CFAI and whatever Obama puts in the water.

STL is always winning on the internet. Last summer at the beach we were day drinking and a few of us decided to try laughing yoga. So we started laughing and people were like “WTF” but then they started laughing and then I started really laughing. Try that for meditation

I tried self hypnosis a long time ago. I found it sorta works, as does ordinary hypnosis, if you are willing to suspend disbelief for a bit. With self-hypnosis, however, half the time I fell asleep in the middle of it all.

Hypnosis isn’t liek the stuff they show in cartoons or on stage shows. Apparently what happens is that some proportion of the population is highly susceptible to suggestion, whereas most of us are far less so. So the stage performers tend to get 30 people on the stage, find the 10% who are really susceptible, and play around with them.

In regular hypnosis, you are pretty much always able to pull yourself out of it if you decide to. You’re never really “under someone’s control.” You simply choose to enter a state of deep relaxation and let another person guide your thinking. If you touch on anthing that is truly objectionable, most of us will simply say, “ok, that’s it” and wake up with little consequence other than perhaps feeling a bit groggy.

There are so many personal development self improvement self hypnosis audio programs out there. I want to check it out to see if it is effective. Did you find it working at all bchad

I haven’t really done it since I was a teenager or in college. In college I hypnotized a friend who turned out to be one of the really susceptible people and she burst out screaming and crying in the middle (not sure why) and it totally freaked me out and I stopped doing it.

So I’m not sure how well self hypnosis and the audiotapes works for things like weight loss, cigarettes, and alcohol. Probably works similarly to things like affirmations in the mirror, which are surprisingly effective, even if you feel really silly while you’re doing it. I had one of those kinds of tapes about 5 years ago and it was helpful, though not anthing like magic. Still, for $10, maybe magic is a little much to expect.

I don’t do hypnosis anymore, but I do somtimes do the affirmation stuff. I then I stop doing it for a while until I think I need it again.

It is fascinating stuff. So you are basically tinkering with your subconcious mind with learning new habits, manners, and so forth. It seems like an effective way to try and improve yourself versus buying self help book after self help book.

It may be effective at the margins. I havent observed any amazing transformations, but an affirmation or two definitely does wonders after a bout of too much time spent on AF.