Self-made success, now she rolls with Rockefellers Survival of the richest! Best Investment over the past 2000 years?

Lets say you were a very wealthy Roman in year 1 AD. What investment would have stood the test of time?
S&P 500?
Real estate?
lets discuss.

I’d say gold, given that you’d have a 100% safe to store it in. I believe none of the other asset classes would’ve survived the last 2000 years, gold is the only one whose value hasn’t gone to 0 at any point. But if you assume that you had a chance to start over after a 100% wipe out, I’m not sure if gold is still the winner.

its pretty bad. so from a roman perspective. the rich people of western roman empire left for the byzantine empire (which is still roman, just called differently in modern times). so the rich just ran away from the problems. portability is key and so is diversification. The main way to remain rich was apparently real estate. particularly land. but when people took over, you got jacked.

here are some rich american dynasties of the gilded age (1850s) and what their heirs are doing now.

Ay, filius!!! Quo vadis???


Who cares about the past 2000 years? Fortunes are made in the next 2000 years! If your holding period were the next 2000 years and you could invest in only one asset class, what would it be?

SpaceX once public.

gold has the longest staying power. 6000 years. going as far back as egypt. that said its an unproductive asset.

If you have the knowledge you have now, you should just “invent” a lot of stuff and produce it through your company and you would quickly become the most powerful person and change the course of history.

Like, imagine their reaction to the first steel sword “duhhh where is the On switch?” :wink:

Good point. I would just buy Gray’s Sports Almanac 1950-2000 and make all winning sports bets. Starting with a horse race. Then parlay all of the winnings into a profitable casino operation so that I could eventually win over Lorraine.