Sell side nightmare

Have you ever had to issue an error report after management finding an error in your model? Is this common in sell side ER?

Yes. What happens is that the client and manager strap you down in public and whip your bare buttocks while shouting “whee a boo!” It’s pretty standard industry practice nowadays.

It happens There are sneaky ways you can correct the error and more explicit wayst. Depends on the rules of your firm. We used to issue industry report and change lots of things and just forget to highlight it lol. Also depends on how much you value that relationship

From what I’ve seen, a new report goes out, the mistake is pointed out and corrected, and various levers are pulled so the conclusion is the same. Check out what happened with MS’s report on SNAP last year.

Yea we just made an error with industry data that resulted in a low EPS est.

i think im out of the woods but it’s a weird feeling as a 23 year old being told that some ceo/chairman wants you dead

No one is perfect, it happens.

No. everything was perfect. Never made any mistake. 20/20 vision. #MAGA #Winning #Beer

Just make sure you don’t repeat it. But it happens man. Get used to investor relations calling to ask you about your estimates. That always means you got something wrong

Thanks guys