Sell Side research reports

Guys, I am studying for an interview and I need access to Sell Side research reports . Can someone please point me to a resource where I can access these. Of course, I am willing to pay for these reports. Thanks.

don’t you know anyone that works at a fund or IB that can get you a few?

Yahoo Finance? They’re typically $15 or $25. Another option (but not going to work if the interview is tomorrow or later this week) is to take $2500 out of savings (or that “emergency money” that everyone’s supposed to have) and dump it into a Fidelity brokerage account. It will be swept into a low-rate money market fund to earn interest, and you’ll have excellent access to Fidelity research. I haven’t seen this research, but I hear it’s pretty good, and free if you have an account. I guess that’s why the money market doesn’t get such a great rate, but it should keep up with inflation at least.

Fidelity’s free reports are pretty weak. The S&P reports are the only ones that are decent from them.

You can email me and tell me what you want. I have access to merrill, lehman and a few others.

^ I just sent you an email to your direct account, but not for research reports… Just giving you a heads up

I sent you some fascinating JNJ writeups. I’m long JNJ. JNJ rocks. Go JNJ. Screw Merrill and their Neutral rating. They’re obviously on crack.

Hi Virgin, Did you send the emails to the email address in my profile. I didn’t even know that you could do that on this forum. Anyway, the email address I have in my profile is dead and I am having a hard time changing it. I will send u an email on your yahoo account. Can you please resend whatever you had sent earlier. Thanks.

My email is I would really appreciate it if Virgin or anyone else can send me some recent reports on some of the IT hardware companies that I am interested in( DELL , HPQ , EMC , NTAP ) Thanks.

Ok… I’ll send them soon.

Thanks much !!!