Selling '08 Schw Prem package (+ extras)

Aloha I’m selling my 2008 Level Schweser Prem Package. It includes: Notes (see below for condition) Videos + 2 video workbooks (unused) Practice exams Vol 1, 2 and online (have printed copies) Printed questions (90% of them) from Schweser Pro Qbank (some highlighting) Boston Society 2007 and 2008 exams (clean copies) Do it yourself flashcards (unused) Cheat sheet 2005-2007 CFAI morning sessions (not selling these, just to note I have them since I think 2005 will no longer be available). The notes and practice exams have been unbound and then rebound into a 3 ring binder. I did this so that I can make notes on anything I read, and then look at a clean copy to drill it into my head. I found different things were important with each pass at reading and this helped me. I can also take this package apart if need be. Please email me at with an offer if you are interested. Thanks

how much are u expecting for it to be shipped to NJ?