Selling/donating books a violation?

I cleared CFA level 1 in Dec 2014. I had PDF version of both schweser and CFAI books which I got printed and spriral binded as I wanted to carry hardcopy book while travelling to work.

Now, I am moving to a different country. I have all these books which I cannot carry with me. But I do not want to discard them. Can I sell/donate these printed copies so someone can use them? Will that be a violation?

It’s not a violation of anything.

Thanks Sir !!

My pleasure.

If he keeps the PDF version, wouldn’t that be a violation? Doesn’t seem any different than downloading music from iTunes and then burning it to CDs to give away.

Not really.

He would have paid for the hard copy version, and would have only one to give away or sell.

Now, if he were duplicating the .pdf and selling it, your analogy would hold.

Right-- I was under the impression that we automatically pay (included in testing/registration fees) for the e-curriculum. Therefore, buying the hard copy would leave you with two separate products.

But he didn’t buy the hard copy version, he had the pdf versions which he printed out and now wants to sell. It’s only a “hard copy book” in so much as its a spiral bound collection of printed out PDFs.

in my mind this is a violation as you could wonder, if it’s not…then how many printouts is he allowed to print out and sell?

This is analogous, as previously mentioned to burning downloaded music onto CDs and selling them in my opinion.

Then, I’m not so sure. I forgot the detail that he printed them out because he didn’t buy the hard copy. It might be okay if he only does it once (i.e. selling his “only” copy), but I’m not an expert on this stuff.

you bought it, you own it

Not really…I can’t buy a CD and then burn all the music onto another CD and sell it, keeping the original CD. You don’t own the rights to replicate and sell the content.