Selling sht on Craigslist

Craigslist is swiminng with the carp of society. I’m trying to sell a few items at a fair price. You wouldn’t believe how many people offer 50% of what I’m selling expecting me to entertain the offer. Furthermore, too many assholes email sht like, “You want $$$$ for that? What are you retarded or just a stupid fucking asshole. Throw rocks at yourself!”

The ghetto in me wants to agree to sell it to half of these people just so I can stomp some fucking common courtesy into them. Back to ebay where I’ll have to pay their extortion like fees between the auction and paypal.

Someone throw this email on a p0rn list or the like as well.

I just ignore those offers. I have a feeling that there are people who see a fair price, offer half, and if you accept, they’ll turn around and sell it on CS at pretty much your original price. I guess you can’t blame them for trying, but I agree that it’s annoying as heck. There are also people who say they’ll take it, show up and then offer you less. At those moments, it probably helps to scare the carp outa them. :wink:

I’ve sold tons of things on CL from a car to a pile of rocks in my backyard that someone bought to build a firepit. It is what it is on CL. It’s free so can you really complain?

ebay sucks and I have done projects for them so I know what they are all about. They have the largest datawarehouse in tech and collect so much personal info on you you wouldn’t believe it.

Concerning CL I price items at a fair “sell price.” I don’t negotiate at all. It works for me but I am reasonable in what I am looking for. I sold my car at the price I listed it at. If someone starts making offers I clearly tell them that I price items fairly and not high and then take offers. Rarely people walk away.

Also use a “junk” email not something that you would use with your name. Some items it is better to not provide a email address and just make people call you. It weeds out a lot of the tire kickers.

When I sell shit on CL I jack up the price I put so much so that when I get a few bad offers, they’re right around what I actually wanted to get for the stuff.

CL blows. Every time I go to CL I feel like I am looking at a website from 1994. The only thing that is worse,esthetically would be some Myspace pages from back in the day. Lastly, the peace sign icon that shows up in the url bar is just annoying

you should agree to sell for the half the offered price, set up a time and place to all of them and watch them wait around.

yo son, craigslist is like a innanet swap meet, fuck that shit kid, just a bunch of wack armstrong niggas looking to come up on some loot for cheap. na’mean?

just set up a table on the street and slang that shit on the block homie.

and when you’re getting yo ehustle on and some weak nickledown marley cat low balls you you can take inspiration from this joint right here and let em know whats up.

^ Respect.

I hated dealing with people on Craiglist, so I just stuck to selling things on eBay.

Have both bought and sold on CL with no major headaches other than a couple of no-shows for some furniture I was selling. Also posted a house for rent on CL, but don’t think I would do that again.

That will only waste my time, and theirs. I have been telling people, “Yeah, meet me here.” near my hood in Harlem. To be funny I write my email in jive and tell them to meet me at the latest address where a murder occured. Wonder if any of those clowns show up hoping to save a few clams.

In any case. I’ll just keep the goods. I’m not willing to part with them at the offer prices.