Hello all, I’m seriously considering a class for the Level II exam but am located in Milwaukee and don’t think there are any sort of classes or seminars here which is a bit disapponting given it’s size. I’ve heard about the Schweser seminar down in Chicago but that’s just a weekend only thing it seems. I’m curious to know how helpful this was for anyone and if it justifies the cost - isn’t it like $1000-1,500 roughly? I’m having trouble bringing up the site at work. I tried seeing if Madison had any sort of classes they offered for the exam but all of the contacts for the CFA preparatory review courses appear to be no longer valid, I keep getting a failed delivery message. I think having a weekly class would be ideal but I’m not sure this is even an option anywhere - I guess that 16 week seminar online might suffice but attending in person seems a lot more useful. Can anyone shed any color on this? I’m just trying to iron everything out so I can make the best decision.

i think stalla and schweser both offer online live classes. I’m partial to the Stalla cd/rom video/lectures myself.