Senate eliminates filibuster for Supreme Court nominees


thought you werent supposed to be able to nominate a judge during your last year in office? Isnt the line on Trump being impeached/resigning within that time?

I dont particularly have issue with Gorsuch, in the sense that he (like Scalia) make up a legal school of thought they can hide their personal opinions behind. Hes certainly qualified but then again so was Garland

It doesnt matter as the US has been in decline anyway, time to jump ship!

Obama was robbed.

thought the secret service would be able to do a pretty good job of keeping his house secure no?

Dems should have saved this for Trump’s next pic. It was a conservative for conservative swap i.e. no change on the balance of the court. Now if Notorious RBG goes down and the Moron tries to replace her the dems no longer have their only real tool to fight with (an albeit weak tool, admittedly).

Filibuster is just used by douches like Ted Cruz to blackmail and disrupt the legislative process. It should not ever have to be employed at all. What this latest event symbolizes is the already growing rift between Republicans and Democrats. The removal of filibuster does not change the political climate in which such a tool is expected to be used against things like Supreme Court Justice confirmation. The thing that will change is that now Democrats will be butt hurt and refuse even more to cooperate.

I agree that Merrick G should have been confirmed. But guess what - if Obama was a Republican President and Hillary’s 90% victory was looming, Democrats would have done the exact same thing. So that’s politics.

Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. Filibuster has been twisted to where it simply adds dysfunction to normal legislative process. Strengthening the legislative process by allowing fewer grid locks will pull emphasis off of executive action.

Great, then after gorsuch, they can fill the other 126 federal judicial seats left to be filled.

Also, obama and garland were robbed. Also also, RBG is never going to die. She’s like Buffett.

Republicans should have voted on Garland, but they didn’t, so we’ve now slipped down the slippery slope Sen Reid laid out for us in 2013. I do find it interesting that dems who wholeheartedly supported the Sotomayor and Kagan appointments criticize Gorsuch for being too far from the center. The NYT even acknowledges that Sotomayor is about as far from the center as you can get and that Kagan is about as far to the left as Gorsuch is to the right.

Its always annoyed me that the left describes justices as left and right, and that now trump does as well. There’s not left and right, there’s the perspective from which judges approached law and the constitution for more than 150 years, and theres judicial activism and placing your own preferences above what can be found in the text of the constitution and the original intentions of it, and of laws. There have been right wing judicial activists. Gorsuch is not one. He should be described as middle of the road. I don’t think he’d be one to say that judges must vote to ban abortion on the basis of your having to assign full rights to unborn children, or that gay marriage is unconstitutional even though its not mentioned in the constitution. He’s as center of the road as a judge should be. Equating him with the judicial activists of the left is an insult.

as I said above (not that im a party line guy) it was pure politics by repubs on Garland, it was pure politics by Dems on Gorsuch. Both are qualified, as are Kagan & Sotomayor. People love to life in this fantasy land where judges are these unbiased arbiters of justice when they arent at all. The judge is who they are, their worldview is reflected in the way they judge and they use their extensive knowledge of the law to justify decisions that their worldview supports. It is what it is, its always been this way, people just need to accept it.

That said the bit a while ago where during Gorush’s confirmation hearings The Daily Show (i think) cut together clips of things Gorsuch said that made him sound like a Harrison ford character straight out of Clear & Present Danger it was freaking hilarious

Gorsuch just confirmed, and with 3 dems voting for him.

This move has been a long time coming as US politics grows increasingly polarized. With the simple majority in play, I wonder if we’ll ever see a Supreme Court nominee confirmed by an opposition senate again. Actually seems pretty unlikely.

I wonder how many people are calling RBG saying “See, we told you that you should have retired a few years ago!”

Her reply:

^ Dag, can’t see the picture for some reason. I’m using Chrome now too!

Here’s the link.

Notorious RBG may live until infinity, or next week who knows. The fact that she isnt obese is something she has going for her that Scalia didnt, but he jaw line is not nearly as impressive as Gorsuch’s

I think we can all agree that our boy Neil is a very handsome looking guy. Similar to and almost as handsome as bill ackman.

That is Anthony Bourdain.