Seoul Level 1?

Anybody here in Seoul taking level 1?

I wrote my level I there 4 years ago. Curious, where do you work in Seoul?

Hey Chonger, Im not in the industry at the moment. Im doing an MBA here, and working for the Korean Trade Promotion Agency. So, what’s your story?

im gonna take the 2008 Dec exam in Seoul, what about u guys

Hey alenlost, Im taking the December exam as well. Do you live in Seoul?

I went to korea after finishing my undergrad to travel for a year. I figured I would make myself useful while travelling. I’m in Canada now, but given the slowdown in hiring, and the speeding up of layoffs, I was considering a move back.

Taking a CFA exam whilst traveling is pretty impressive. Were you working as an English teacher? Who are you working for at the moment? Im definitely no Korean finance job market expert but if I find out anything I will let you know.

Mainly, I was there to learn korean, i taught some english on the side. I worked for a fixed income shop in canada, but was a casualty of their restructuring. Basically, I’m considering my global options. If I’m not mistaken, level is still being written at Korea university. Nice school. Where are you doing your MBA?

Actually, Im not sure if it is held at Korea or Yonsei. I guess I should look into that. Im at Sungkyunkwan, to be honest it is pretty shitty, that is why Im doing the CFA as well. Has your Korean helped with your career at all? It seems like most of the expats working in finance here are all hired in their home country and then posted here. Visas and immigration can be a bitch in Korea. As you may have encountered when you were here, they are still pretty xenophobic.

Hey Ito’sDilemma, You still living in Seoul?