Ser 86 exam?

Newbie to the forum. Since this is an analyst forum, I suppose there are quite a few people that has 86/87 under their belt here. I will be taking the exam next month, anybody can offer me any insight into the exam? I know it’s much tamer comparing to the CFA exam. Even so when I took the practice exam from STC material, there are some very tricky questions, which unfortunately STC didn’t do a good job explaining. I came from a non-finance background and have rather limited working experience so far. I am just looking for any tips, headup, advice or any sort here. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Haven’t taken it yet and I hope I don’t have to. My employer said if you pass L2 you are exempt from it. Edit: I don’t know if you have taken any, but just letting you know.

I thought if you passed CFA level 2, you were only exempt from one of them. 86 or 87 not sure which.

If you pass CFA Level 2, you are exempt from the 86. You still have to pass the 87.

Thanks for the info. Yes, if you have both L1 and L2. You can apply for exemption from 86 by FINRA. You are still required to take 87, the regulatory module. If I had passed both L1 and L2, I won’t be worried about 86. Anyone here actually passed the 86 recenly and can share some first hand experience?

i got series 7/63/86/87 when i used to be in sell-side research. series 86 is considerably easier than CFA assuming you have some experience with FSA and financial modeling…if i were you i’d just get the series 86 out of the way so that you can have your name on the cover of research reports sooner, rather than waiting for level II exam to roll around.