Series 65 if you are midway through L2

Ok. So I have this situation where I need to take the series 65. Is it a cake walk that needs little effort? What is the effort involved? Is it better to wait after L2?

Thanks. And, I hope this not OT for this board.

65 isn’t very hard. I don’t know which FINRA licensing exams you have taken so far, but as a frame of reference, I have the 7, 24, 53, and 66 (63 & 65 combined), and the 66 was by far the easiest. However, if you can wait until after L2, that would obviously be ideal; the least amount of distractions, the better.

thanks. i have yet to take a finra exam. some google searching yesterday pointed out that 65 was more boring than challenging.

Series 65 is like a junior version of L1. Anyone in the L2 forum could crush the S65 with 2 weeks of study.

I used Kaplan for the 66, I read the book once and easily passed. You should be fine to take it.

series 65 isn’t bad at all, I htink you can def. manage both

thank you, cream, msc, and itera!