Series 65 Waiver for L3 passers

Taking S-7 soon and trying to figure out if I can get away with just the S-63 or if I should take the S-66 since I’ll eventually need the S-65 anyways. I passed L3 in 2009. CFAi website implies that passers of L3 get a waiver for the Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Examination (S-65) - My sponsoring firm believes that only Charterholders get the waiver but they are not 100%. My hope is that I can just fly through the S-63 and then get the waiver on the S-65 either now or when I earn my letters. Anyone have experience with this?

Just take the 66 and don’t worry about the breakdown between the 63/65.

That’s inefficient.

Depends on your definition of “inefficient”. If you have to take a test regardless of the fact, why not sit for the easier one which is the 66. You said your firm is not 100% sure, why take the risk and be “inefficient” by possibly having to sit for both plus wasting your time trying to find out. 63 - 65 questions 65 - 130 questions 66 - 100 questions

It would be worth finding out but in any event both are very easy. I’d compare them to studying for just one subject on the L1 exam. You could probably study a few days and get it done.

The 66 is BEYOND easy. Just take it and get it over with already. You should be able to pass it with a few days of study.