series 7 continuing education

so i gotta do this at pearson feb 5. Do ihave to study for this? or do they give me materials to study while taking test kind of deal? how hard is it cuz i have done nothing. Thx all. first time doing it.

No, you can’t fail.

Its all about the practice mocks leading up but go through the material at least twi… I cant. STL is right, you actually cannot fail.

no studying required. just show up.

If you start to screw up, it will alert you that you are geting too many wrong, and then you can do it more diligently

pretty sure these exams aren’t free. so with that, i recommend you at least review it. just my 0.02

These guys are trolling you. Yes you can fail. The only sure-fire way to pass is to give the masonic handshake to the exam official. Go test the test, then if you get a failing score, give the handshake a second time and say you’re a friend of Bill W. He will acknoledge this with a strange look, but that’s just a ploy. Quietly slip him a 50 dollar bill and you will get your license.