Series 86, Waiver, CFA

Hello everyone, I want to hear some comments on the waiver based on my situation. If you pass level 2 within two years of the registration, you are exempt from the regulations part 86. I have passed three levels of CFA, however, my level 2 is over two years old. I just finished my MBA in finance recently. I am wondering if I can show FINRA my CFA exam as well as the finance course/grade/curriculum within the past two years to qualify the exemption. This following paragraph from SEC regarding the waiver. It seems that I might be able interpret (ii) in my favor.

To qualify for a CFA exemption a Research Analyst candidate must have: (i) completed the CFA Part II within two years of application for registration or (ii) functioned as a research analyst continuously since having passed the CFA Part II. Applicants that have completed the CFA Part II that do not meet criteria (i) or (ii) where good cause is shown based upon previous related employment experience may make a written request to the Exchange for an exemption.