Series 86

anyone taken it?

some guys I work with took it before we went buy-side. you’ll be fine. minimal study time if you have any idea what you are doing at all, which I am giving you credit for.

Ummm…if you pass 2 then you do not have to take it. Better start studying

it’s not overly difficult - nowhere near level 2. Just do those practice tests they give you a few times; they are pretty close to the real thing. The test itself is just calculating common accounting ratios, CAGRs (I think), and rates of return. Very fundamental stuff.

watered down version of CFA level 1. It’s fairly easy.

I’ve taken it. It’s a bit tricky. I passed on the first try but know a few peopel who failed and had to retake (and these were all talented people working on the sell side). I would just take it seriously and you should be fine.

Completely off-track, but just wanted to share this… I know a person who failed Series-7 after studying for months, right after he showed his disappointing result to his boss, he was b*tchslapped and let go from the ER role. Now he writes code for a living.

thanks guys.