Series7 thru L3- You have no ******* idea

One of my colleagues (a MBA-marketing/strategy from a top U.S School) who sees me about once a month almost always asks me “how are you doing with your series 7?” even after repeatedly telling him that I am working on my CFA Exams. I am planning to put this on my office when I pass my Level 3, hopefully August 16th. · Series 7- A joke · CFA Level 1- A Challenge · CFA Level2- A Problem · CFA Level3- You have no ******* idea What do you guys think. This accurate?

Hmm. Not sure. I’ll tell you on 16th August but I wouldn’t say that the content is as difficult on level 3 as level 2.

He’s probably looking at it from the regulatory perspective. Having Series 7 means you can legally do certain things. Having the CFA designation means people believe you can intellectually do things. Huge difference. Coming from someone who has the CFA and 7, yeah…7 is a joke. CFA is very tough, but doable.