Serious Career Question

Good day

I am looking to land myself an internship however since this may be the stepping stone towards my career ,and also I want to have a good time learning at work ,I am seeking to find out what I may be good at &enjoy then go for it ! Also I work for an investment company at the moment at a completely non finance related role,however due to the nature of this company I have a good chance of landing a job in any of its finacial companies:Bank,IB,Portfolio Management,etc.

So please suggest to me something you think it suits me best.

Personal Info:

  • 2nd Year Accounting Student
  • Interest in Commercial &Business Negotiations
  • I like to read and learn alot
  • Avid Gym Rat

Authors Whoose work I admire(If it helps):

  • Malcolm Gladwell
  • Shawn Achor
  • Dan Ariely
  • Robert Greene
  • Robert Cialdini
  • David Deida

Thank You All In Advance

you mean like janitor to investment banker?

Everyone on AF knows this is a troll account by now.

@Itera I dont mind to take the humble approach and work as a janitor if it means learning something,I dont like to foool myself and let my ego walk in front of me .But sir I asked a question ,if you believe there is a way,I would be glad to know.

@Viceroy Thanks for the info,

Don’t worry XRAY, from what I can see the “career” section of this forum is an excuse for old, cynical farts to beat up on the dreams of the young and ambitious. Don’t let them mess with your head. Kick ass and don’t take down any names.

Oh man this is going to be good.

You can be anything you want to be by doing the same things as everyone else in the market. Soar beautiful butterfly!

Why do you think he’s on ban watch? lol

this advice is brought to you from a new AF member with a whole 20 posts after joining 6 days ago. clearly he know AF members very well

@Itera-You are acomplished in your life,I may never be where you are but I have respect for someone who is interested in growth,who seeks advice,yet I hace respect for you,I try to remain humble all the time since this is what gives me peace.I still thank you for reading my posts though.

@The Silver Bull-I believe some people are damned in this life with seeing the empty half of the glass,they find fault in everything from other posters to the meals they are served in resturants,Rahul was like this,however I think he managed to get rid of this matter and came to peace with himself,Clearly some other members whose name I dont want to mention(not looking for a troll post )see the half that is empty.At the end of the day we all want a sense of fullfillment,I do not get mine by insulting some newbie who just asks for plain advice.However let it be their way.


I don’t usually give a sh!t about internet forum drama but this is gonna be good.

Yo, Silver Bull, you mad?

The Silver Bull, I’ve edited and deleted your posts in violation of AF rules. Consider this a warning. stop your behavior or you may be banned.

If you don’t like it here, then leave.


X ray do you know ali1987??He was a 2nd yr accounting student like you…Asking similar questions that you are asking and he disappeared just before you joined AF…may be you can search old posts by ALI 1987 and you will get all your answers…

Here is ALI’s profile:

thank you sir.i will do that

sir xray > rr

You’re a real jerk, Kermit. Can’t stand on your own two feet but got to bring in the strong arm of the forum law to do the killing for you. You’re a real class act. Ban me. I’m only going to keep trolling this community until it happens.

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