Seriously? "Sensitivity Training"?

What’s the deal with the Eagles and Riley Cooper?

So the dude was drunk at a country music concert, and used a racial slur. So now the Eagles decide that he needs to be fined and go to “sensitivy training”.

I’m not advocating what he did, and I certainly recognize the right of an organization to protect its reputation, whether it’s the Eagles or the NFL. But “sensitivity training”? Come on. (or as some might say, “Nigga, please!”) If I had to go to sensitivity training for every stupid thing I ever said, they’d never let me out. I imagine that 99% of the population would be in the same boat. (Whether they would admit it or not is a different story.)

I wonder what part of it is for his own protection so that black players don’t slam into him a little extra hard during practice or during games. “Look, he is so so sorry for what he said!”

^You might have a point, but I don’t think “sensitivity training” is going to change that. They’ll still give him a little extra “nudge” anyway.

Of course you might not say so many stupid things if you had gone to sensitivity training.

Getting gang b****d by the team might be more effective.

Manufactured outrage…meh

Just don’t be racist and you won’t have to worry about it.

On behalf of AF, we forgive him.

I think the point is that it’s bad PR for the team, so the team needs to show the public that they did something to “teach him a lesson”.

Now he’s excused from all team activities until he completes his sessions, lol.

TV’s volume was low in the cafe when I was watching…did he say the n-word with “a” at the end or “er” at the end. The latter is more racist.

Yeah, this is ridiculous, especially given the NFL’s standards for criminality.




Seriously? Josh Brent gets drunk, rolls his car, kills his teammate, and was invited to sit on the sidelines only eight days later.

Riley Cooper gets drunk, says one word (that probably every single person in America has said at least once in their life), and he gets “excused from all team activities” so he can “attend counseling” in order to “better help him understand how his words have hurt so many, including his teammates.”

I’m a Cowboys fan, so part of me loves the fact that the Eagles camp is in disarray, first losing their best WR, then his proxy. But seriously? The NFL has become WAAAAY too PC.

people don’t realize that it makes all the difference in the world.

Wonder if Charlie Rangel will be sent to sensitvity training for this:

His team doesn’t want him around, at least not right now. Seems pretty simple.

WTF, that makes it OK?

Fck Riley Cooper.

Hey Greenman, get this through your head, OK?


Got that?

Josh Brent got off easy, so Riley Cooper should as well? That’s not logical.

OJ and Casey Anthony got off after committing murders, so we should let all murderers go scott free?

Why hasnt CFvsMB commented on this thread yet

I think what we need is more redneck professional football players demonstrating how cool it is to be racist when you’re drunk.