Seriously. Why do people do this?

Once in a while I get emails from total stranger that go something like this: “Hey, my name is X, I’m also sitting for L1 in June 2009. Plz email me all Schweser Notes and QBank to my email at Thx.” Have you got that kind of emails before? I wonder why people do this? And I wonder if anybody actually ever responded to that kind of emails? (As in responded with what the sender asked instead of deleting it or asking him to Google it or something.)

so far, I have not gotten such emails before :wink:

I have been really wanting to ask about this…

I don’t get those even from the people who email me off the blog. People will ask where I got my stuff from and that’s it.

Lucky you. I have more than one blog, and I get emails like that all the time. Sometimes I can’t even possibly have what they’re asking for. Something like, “pls email me all the resources to learn X”.

Everyonce in a while I get random requests for stuff… like people dig through old threads.

Do you have your own blog as well brianr?

Jaffels Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do you have your own blog as well brianr? No, but I have put my email address to up here in a few threads to help the topic starter off the forum and months after the fact I’ll get a random email asking for something.