Service that emails end-of-day prices?

I’m going on a trip next week and may have only sporadic internet access. I’m wondering if there’s a service that would email me end-of-day quotes for a list of tickers and/or indexes. It seems like a simple enough idea, and one could probably write a chron script that would do it… but maybe someone has already done it. Ideally, it would be something that can send things like the SP500 total return index, DXY, NAREIT, and a few others… but I’d settle for something that would send the close prices for a list of ETFs or stock tickers. Anyone know if, Yahoo, Google, or some other site does this??

This seems to be the closest I’ve found. The emailing service starts with their $15/monthly subscription level of service. Anything else out there?

chadwick, I know you can set up a portfolio on yahoo with all your symbols of whatever products you need. I’m not sure whether you can have that list emailed to you at end of day… might want to look into it.

Yahoo Finance does indeed have an email alert function…

That looks really helpful. Thanks for finding the link!

If you have a Blackberry or a PDA that you are checking this on, the Bloomberg App will get you whatever you want.