Sessions that Schweser notes cover badly


Like many people I have found that the Schweser notes are insufficient for Fixed Income. However, the Schweser notes for other Sessions have been adequate. Is there any consensus on the Sessions that the Schweser notes do not adequately cover?


Fixed Income and Ethics, IMHO

this has the makings of a brilliant thread!!!

-Emerging Markets Valuation

-Time Series Analysis

Guys put down the topics name as well…this will help out everyone…who are cramming through schweser.

I had trouble with the the 2 currency readings in Economics, and fixed income using Schweser.

Derivatives - Currency Swaps

Well, that’s 3 votes for Fixed Income (in general!), and 1 each for:


EM Valuation

Time Series


Currency Swaps.

Any more?

Hi Guys,

I agree with all comments above, in general I have been going through the End of Chapter questions from CFA notes after finishing my reading from Schweser. So far, I have noticed that several questions from CFA book are tricky and confusing, so I would suggest going through atleast the questions.