Settlements (OTC)...

Hi guys/gals, What would a job in OTC settlements be like at a larger bank? What would the main duties and day to day work entail? Thanks for the advice.

Shuffling papers and making sure everything is filed where it should be. This is one of those jobs that you can never be recognized for doing well, only punished for messing up.

I see, Joey. Thanks for the quick response. I guess this is as back office as it gets. Any reconciliation of trades or work to that nature? Also, a but unrelated, but would settlements require a lot of phone time, because that is one thing I really don’t wish for. But if I can’t get anything else, at a BB, is it at least a descent “foot in the door” job? A stepping stone, at least.

I think it’s as back office as it gets. It probably does involve phone time when things go wrong. But it beats bloody hell out of not being employed. All jobs can be stepping stones if you play them right.