Several General Questions on Preparing for FRM L1


(1) I’m just started on FRM L1 for the November exam this year after having pretty much finished on my CAIA preparation. I have a certain level of basic actuarial background and a Bachelor in Mathematics, do you think it is feasible to pass the exam in this time constraint?

(2) After reading the official books, what kind of materials do you recommend me to read? I’m pretty sure that I have to use the test banks, but I’m more curious, do you think I should read Schweser notes? (Also, how long will the note be? My past experience on the CAIA note is that they’re almost as equally long as the official books.)

(3) Which study material provider do you recommend most? And why would you recommend? In your opinion, is it more important to read and understand the notes or practice as much as possible?

Thank you all in advance,