Several Thoughts

#1. For whatever reason, I’m feeling more pressure to pass L3 than any of my previous exams. I’m wondering if it has to do not only with my desire never to have to look at this material again or if it’s so that my wife will never have to put up with me being away from her and our 2 children as much as I have been. She’s been unbelievable but I can’t help but wonder what her reaction would be if I failed and had to this over again. #2. I was completely confident on my derivatives after covering it in Schweser until I went through the CFAI readings on the same material and was completely blown away, not sure why, but it completely shattered my confidence in this area, something I was starting to feel good about prior to reading the materials. #3. Anyone notice the different way in which CFAI calculates Transaction Costs and even Implementation Cost in one of the end of chapter questions? It was completely foreign to me, something I hadn’t seen in Schweser material. I dunno… but I desperately need to pass this exam… I saw a bunch of guys today at the library studying for L1 and I couldn’t help but feel for them. PJStyles

#1 Same thing as the NBA final, always that last game has the most pressure. In LI and LII, it was pass the exam, on LIII, it measn more. #2. Look at those LOS, not much calcuation related. #3. Didn’t look CFAI way of doing implemtation cost.