sex bots

How big are sexbots gonna be in the future?..

You think we’ll have millions of people going to clubs after work and having sex with a bot? You think we’re gonnas start having sex with robots and paying with bitcoins?

The reason i ask is that there was a show on tv last night about developer of a sexbot call harmony (NSFW). This think was pretty life like if you ask me, massive breast, can talk, ass, pussy… when you smack the bum is sound like real bum… it’s like GTA1 of realism… I’m just thinking what happens in a few bot generations when the get to GTA 4, PS5 type realism sexbots?

And is having sex with a robot cheating? My mrs reckons it is… but then she said a fleshlight isn’t cheating. At what stage does having sex with an object become cheating? is it when it has hair? body? eyes?.. I dunno man… that some philosophical stuff right there.

All the money going into vr involves porn uses. I have a feeling robots will be the same

More ways to destroy ourselves woohoo. Stuff like this is going away. When people awaken to reality they cease engaging in self destructive behavior. More people awakening = demise of many forms of ‘entertainment’.

I’m thinking about the male/female implication of sex robots. Today, it is somewhat ok to discover female toys like vibrator in people’s bedrooms. However, if you find a fleshlight, that leads to instant ostracization. So, there is a dual standard with respect to today’s sex accessories.

In the future, will it be taboo to find a female sex robot in your male friend’s house, but normal to find a male sex robot in women’s houses? Like some kind of CvM android who bangs people?

This dichotomy raises important questions regarding the segmentation of gender roles in modern society, challenging us to question social norms and explore the boundaries of today’s diverse beliefs.

Please discuss tanks.

good point… this is interesting

They will be super popular in Japan and China… too many singles.

My problem with the concept of male sex toys has always been how to keep them clean. Just seems…nasty.

why would you need one since apparently girls throw themselves at you?

Didn’t read this part the first time and it’s actually a damn good question. The answer - to me at least - is pretty simple though. It’s whatever you guys agree upon. Communication is key. Discuss it and if she says it is, it is. Just remind her that she’s been having sex with things running on batteries for years so it’s not much different.

exactly - having sex with another person isnt cheating if you as a couple have discussed it and are ok with it. Take for example STL’s wife. They are going to hit up hedonism II and she is going to get some serious pole there. STL is cool with it, thus it is not cheating!

when people make me swear the to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

i raise my cheating hand!


I’m pretty sure sex with a robot is less destructive for awakening than trolling the internet and reading conspiracy theories constantly. Actually maybe we should buy you a robot? It may help. . .

Hard to forecast the future, cause unexpected stuff happens.

But from the way things are going; the American left will keep destroying the male/female bond, it will basically be the kiss of death socially/professionally to even associate with an American woman, so men will just bail on women, and sex bots will take off bigtime, but then the feminists will label that “hateful behavior” (hateful against their fat selves).

Uhh yeah, [unenthusiastic] “Amerika!”.

Upset Thinking

Can you even breathe in the morning without finding something to blame on the american left?

Look at japan which many on the right consider to be a fantastic conservative society since they keep it pretty ethnically clean - (others on AF - if you are unaware of this check it out there is some pretty crazy japan love from the ethno-nationalists for japan) and look how its working out for them - males that lock themselves in their rooms playing video games with their body pillow dolls and video game girlfriends. Girls that go to shops where shirtless dudes serve them drinks and a plummeting birth rate. The nuclear family unit at its best

Lots of real sex happening here in NE Asia. Crazy amounts. And that has nothing to do with birth rate, people are smart here and plan pregnancies. In the US you have no sex, yet unplanned pregnancies! :grin: