"Sex vs Chocolate" So this is what women talk about...

“First, the aforementioned ass-kicking: It was kind of hard not to feel sorry for yesterday’s unlucky 13th seeds, Beach Sex and Chocolate Cereal. Both were positively trounced by No. 4 seeds Missionary and Fudge, respectively, each taking at least 80% of the vote. We shouldn’t dwell, but the sheer brutality of these matches and the injuries sustained by the sad losers deserves a moment of silence.”


its not like men talk about anything better…we were here talking about how Chicken Tikka lied about the prenub signing thing, how Palantir feels he is overweight, how I need to get a HCB, how BCAD likes to dance on poles…c’mon…we’re not any better…

Ohai, given all the random interesting stuff you post on AF, I bet you’d be a fun guy to have a beer with.


i would not be a fun guy to have beer with…

C’mon Frankie! I’m bout to come up to Canada and tip a few dark brews back witchu. We’ll engage in some value discussion. I’ll stick to my guns and tell you I’m a EMH negro who feels 90% of returns are attibuted to allocation and you’ll be the Non Random Walk Down Wall Street homie who is the other 10% engaging in value grabs.

Once bitten twice shy. I got burned on a few investments I thought were a sure thing. Some local small cap companies where I did my own due dilly, created models, found a moat, and spoke closely with upper management ended up losing 90% of my investment.

My man Charlie Munger would call this a problem of hubris. I have poor dicipline. When you hear yourself thinking, “I’m right the market’s wrong!” swallow you pride, take your losses and hit the sell button.

No love Frank?

And did you see WEB’s letter to Ms. Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM?

“I received your report today and just spent 2 hours reading it. The 2 hours I spent last year reading the 2010 report produced by fary my two highest earning hours of the year (about $600 million per hour). So maybe it would have been a good idea to spend a little longer this year.”

Hold on, I didn’t lie about the prenup. Really, I didn’t.