"Sexual Assistants"


“Cash-strapped elderly ‘should get sex visits from prostitutes funded by council’ if they can’t afford it themselves”

"Prostitutes should be available on prescription for elderly and disabled people in care homes, according to an MP.

The politician said councils should cough up for ‘sexual assistants’ for those with a medical need who do not have the money to pay for themselves."

Good thing this country with crippling national debt and disastrous finances has its priorities in order.

Germany has among the strongest government finances among major countries (AAA STA all around, which the US and UK lack) and a debt to GDP ratio of 75% to the US’s 105%. Additionally they are really among the few countries in the world with a budget surplus (+0.5%) versus the US’s -3.1%, so I’m curious where the crippling national debt and disastrous finances is coming from on a finance forum.

But yes, still ridiculous.

“If you repress sexual urges you become frustrated inside.” - that’s all I read.

I’m fine with it. yes

It’s a quality of life topic, and all civilized countries (not the USA) consider quality of life. They indeed have their priorities in order. The USA needs to do something about their male sexual frustration problem, from this comes the likes of Trump, so it’s kinda a big deal.