Sexual Exposure

you may think twice before goin bareback

Hmm, so under the base assumption, you’ve been exposed to 26% of the population. In other words, if geo and Matt live in the same city, there is a 26% chance they are some kind of eskimo buddies.

Apparently, the likelihood of me having contracted a disease with an aggresive view of my partners’ prior history is: (Chlamidia 1200%, Ghonorea 1700%, Syphilis 1400%, Trichommoniasis 1900%, Herpes 139%, HPV 97%, HIV 109%, Hepatitis B 124%)

Despite having tested clear. I’ve been indirectly exposed to 1% of the US population and 1000% of the population of Pittsburgh (where I lived for quite some time) despite not having been terribly active. Seems legit.

Although, if I take a slightly more naive view of my partners’ partners (cut by half) then the calculation changes drastically and seems more realistic (44%, 59%, 48%, 64%, 5%, 3%, 4%, 4%).

I think the issue is that it does not seem to account for one night stands or protection.

That’s where the real danger lies…

Wow, that’s just dumb. 2000% chance…That’s when I tune out.

Good thing we don’t live in the same city.

For men there is one simple step to avoid 99% of all Stds: don’t be gay

This is so inaccurate it is hard to believe anyone could be so dumb.

Where do you think straight women get their STDs from??

From the brothers on the down low

You are literally too dumb for words.

^the statement is accurate wrt to where the poster is claiming to be from

I have HIV.

Well, it is true from what I read, that many STDs are more easily transmitted through buttsecks or from dick to vagina, than from vagina to dick. This is because there are more blood vessels to receive fluids in the cavity areas compared to on the dick. So, avoiding gay sex most likely does reduce risk of contracting STDs if you are male, even if 99% is an exaggeration.

UAE is not in the list. We’re safe. No protected sex from now on.