SFFD vs owned vs owed

Reviewing 2009 Exam, Question 9, Part B: They solve it using both the SFFD and the other way using ‘PV(owned) - PV(owed)’. Anyone think the second way is worth learning? Seen any problems were you cant do SFFD?

SFFD is the safest and most direct way i think.

I used to do the other way, and it involved multiple steps and more chance for error.

it took me 3 minutes to figure out your “SFFD”

WTF is SFFD? Something to do with Swap, fixed, floating etc. I have not looked into 2009 exam.

I have spent more than 3 minutes and I am still not able to figure it out.

As you get closer to the exam, you are more in the mood for acronyms I guess.

spot/(1+foreign interest rate) - Forward/(1+domestic interest rate)

this was my best guess lol