Sh34 did you passed this year

Hey man i wonder if u passed this year . i know this was ur 6 th attempt in level 3 . Hopefuly u passed. Please give me some motivation and telling me that u passed :).

night_visitor_85… looking at your score i am not sure how you failed. It may not be a bad idea to spend 100 bucks on recounting or whatever they call it. At a topic level my scores are more or less identical to yours and I passed.

Dear dcs, Could you please telling me ur scores. I would like to look at it.

dcs where are you please i want to know ur score

night visitor. If I were you I would spend the $100. Even if it comes back as a fail, at least you have peace of mind. Every time I would be studying a tough section, I would keep thinking of “what happens if I retabbed and passed” Just do it to save your sanity, seriously.