Shake Shack getting rid of human cashier

" Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer is getting rid of human cashiers at the newest location of Shake Shack — going against an earlier statement that he would not head toward automated ordering. The king of hospitality’s imminent East Village location will only offer ordering via kiosk."

When will people start campaigning for the right to work for below $15 an hour?

are people still buying overpriced burgers?

I love it. the $15/hour crowd are getting what they asked for.

I’m a big fan of ordering at kiosks, so I guess I should thank the $15 min wage movement for pushing the industry in that direction.

efficiency is never a bad thing. either boost minimum wage and put the West at the forefront of automation or keep the minimum at basically nothing and watch Japan/China develop all the automation and take advantage of the inevitable dehumanization of the service industry.

ohhh they are opening at 51 Astor place ? sick location

I only use the touch screens at the McD’s when i occasionally go. Why would I want to talk to a person if I dont have to?

imo this is how it will play out.

increase minimum wage -> automation of low wage positions -> universal basic income -> higher taxes to whoever is capturing the profit.

There was recently a great segment on 60 Minutes about Danny Meyer and Shake Shack.

Because people that eat at McD’s touch those screens?

So this means they’re gonna lower the price of the burgers, right?

No, they’re going to pay the employees more so the $15-20/hr minimum wage crowd can say it results in higher wages*

* For those who still have jobs.

I don’t recall Shake Shake even being that expensive.

I haven’t seen it but have heard good things about the owner.

Can’t afford to pay humans when doggos will work for scraps :bulb:

the only thing that draws me to Shake Shack above any other similar places after the pub is the fact that they serve beer.

So you like Euro McDonalds a lot then