Shall I try to do all the 1108 Practice Questions on CFAIII

Less than 2 months before the test… but I just finished reading the material and reviewed 1/6 of the material. I did all the EOC questions on Kaplan and just started to review and do the EOC question in CFA books.

I saw there were 1,108 practice questions on CFAI site, making me panic. Can someone shed light on how should I prioritize in the next two months?

Should I keep reviewing and do EOC questions in the CFA books and do maybe half the questions on CFAI site? and followed by some mock exams

Or shall I skip some EOC questions in the CFA books and do more practice question on CFAI site and mock exam?

Would really appreciate some advice on the above and hear your plan of study as well.

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I heard that EOC questions are also in the CFAI QBank so might as well go straight into QBank.

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Thanks for the information!

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Don’t forget the blue boxes as there might also be a lot of important info worth understanding and retaining.

As well as the white text between the blue boxes.


100% and lots of mocks

haha, true that!

That’s definitely the most ideal situations, but I am afraid I won’t have that much time. I plan to study 240 hrs during the rest of the time before the exam.

Doing all the 1,100 questions and reviewing them probably take 120 hours. And reviewing will probably take another 100 hours. which leave me not much time to practice mock and AM questions.

Definitely all that are important. I just don’t have enough time (plan to study another 240 hrs before exam). How will you prioritize all the available resources if you were me?

I’m also a little nervous about how little time is left, I’m only half way through my third review and at this rate I’ll not have the time I want to do mocks in their entirety. Each review is reading notes, doing relevant AM papers, CFA qBank then writing 2-pager summary notes.
You’ve actually a lot of time left if you think you can manage 240 hours, I think I’ll manage half that.
You should probably look at relevant past AM papers and treat the qBank as PM paper revision. Just make sure you’re doing questions, best learning in my opinion. Good luck!!

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Well, I might not be the best person to answer. But I will tell you this, fear of failing should be your best friend now; the more you fear it the more time you will invest in this short amount of time. As for the organization, I would say there is no high-low priority at this moment, everything is important.

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ditch review, time to mock mock mock!

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at this stage if you just started doing practice questions you might be too late (assuming you have a full-time job). therefore i’d say spend 50% time doing cfai online practice questions and 50% time on essay mocks

I found CFAI QB to be really good, and wished I had dedicated more time to do them as I started working on them very late and managed to do only 50% or less. I recommend that you do the QB and you will find that they also include the EOC, but I am not sure they include 100% of EOC. Of course plus the mocks and you will be in good shape.

Thanks a lot! I did the Qbank for behavioral finance this week and noticed the same. that definitely will save a lot of time.

I’d recommend taking 1-2 full mocks within a week (if you can handle 3, even better). This way you’ll see what topics are easy for you and what topics need more review. Focus on the ones you are scoring the least. You don’t want to spend time answering questions that you already now.
Also, try to target topics that weight more (FI, Ethics, PM).


is there a consensus on best source for mocks? schweser has gotten very uneven reviews for level 3

Really? I was gonna purchase schweser’s, there is a 50/50 chance that it can’t help?
I did Mark Meldrum’s and IFT’s. Difficulty of both almost equal, but MM have better answer reviews.

I’m sure that there isn’t a consensus, but I know which ones are, objectively, the best.