Shameless plug

This is my shameless plug for my rock band - MadLove. Don’t know if the moderator is gonna bump this topic…but here goes :slight_smile: I play guitar in MadLove, a South African rock band hoping to make it big-we’ve been together for just about 3 years and my bandmates are hating the fact that i’m gonna start studyin for level 2>>>which from my level 1 experience earlier this year, means shorter practices, me zooming in and out of gigs, having to play sober! , and not being able to mingle with any fine young ladies who come to watch us! Anyways, fellow level 2-ers, or anyone else keen>>>please visit our myspace site at and have a listen, and if you like you can join our facebook group called “Get MadLove Signed!” If you like feel free to say wassup, and if you don’t…well…at least i’ve got a career in Asset Management to fall back on!!! thanks guys&girls, Sha

Why does this seem like Charlie and Driveshaft to me? You all, everybody… Edit: Girl I’d like to be with you today But I got to study me some FSA Your booty makes me lick my chops But I got to learn me 'bout swaps Girl you couldn’t get me harder But I got to earn me a CFA charter Mad love, Mad love…

I prefer a shameless plug over a stupid question…any day of the week. No beef from me. ~JB

LOL! Joey>>>You rock my man!! and probably the first man in history to use ‘harder’(in that way) and ‘charter’ in a sentence!