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Dear all lets post mnemonics for different areas and help each other for better retention.

Down the Ask Divide = DAD

Up the Bid Multiply = U Bitch Mum!

Or “Mom” for the Americans :wink:

I hate convertible bonds

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

Any Mnemonics related to FSA and Economics?

Are you going to contribute any Luckyguy? Or are you just expecting others to do the hard work for you cheeky

Not a single useful mnemonic in this thread…

Can you guys also put a bit of elaboration on what the mnemonic is about??

I’ll contribute if I find one useful mnemonic.

The mnemonic I prefer for this one is:

Currency dealers are cheapskates.

I would have no difficulty remembering that even under the stress of the Level II CFA exam.

OCI components:


P: pension adjustment U: unrealized gain or loss from AFS F: Forgin currency translation E: Effective portion of cash flow hedge.

R: only for IFRS assets revaluation above intial cost


LOS: Explain the basic principles of the new Prudent Investor Rule.


Hint :CLI ni CS

C Caution

L Loyalty

I Impartiality

C Care

S Skill

This is maybe a more risque one, but I was having a lot of trouble with how expensive/cheap bonds are based on their spreads, but this actually helps.

Tight Spreads are like Tight hoes, they are more expensive.

Cheap hoes are always wide (or loose), like spreads. And vice vesa.

we’re not in high school anymore

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It all makes sense now…

I like S2K’s SNOB for capital leases!

Seventy-five % economic life

Ninety % PV of future pmts

Option to buy at end of life

Bargaining Agreement


i have to call you on it even with your warning sign.

I cannot take credit for that one: I learned it from Peter Olinto.

(Note: for the record, O is for transfer of O wnership at the end of the lease, B is for _ B argain purchase agreement_. Maybe I didn’t do such a good job teaching it. wink)

I always remembered Lawrence Taylor Flattened Carson Palmer. And I envision Carson Palmer lying on the turf motionless, with Lawrence Taylor standing over him, drooling like a rabid dog.

In other words L -> T -> F -> C -> P.

In other words, to go from Local currency to Functional currency, you use the Temporal method. (Hence the " L -> T -> F" part)

And to go from the Functional currency to the Presentation currency, you use the Current Method. (Hence the “F -> C -> P” part.)

Sorry but what topic does this relate to?

Here’s a silly one, core attributes of corp governance: RRAFT, ie. your company needs a raft to float on. Rights, Responsibilities, Accountability, Fairness, Transaparency. with an extra R

Economics - currency conversions when considering bid and ask quotes for FX rates, and triangular arbitrage.

i see, thanks. I haven’'t gotten into Econs yet