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Hi guys you ppl can share your study plan here if you have prepared something in excel sheet, that can also be shared My plan finish Book -3 by Monday Book -4 by next Monday Book -5 by next Friday Revise Study Session-1 in remaining days of March In April Revise Complete Syllabus + solve all questions of Schweser Questionpro In May take 3 test (60 Q) of CFA + 2 Mock Test ( 120 ) CFA + Practice exam book- shweser - volume 1, 2 and online In remaining days of June go thru wrongly attempted questions and revise formula

I told myself I would use an average of 3 weeks for each book since mid January and spend the last 4 weeks revising. I checked my schedule yesterday and so far I have done about that. That should leave me with 1 month of revision. I am currently in middle of book 3, it sounds like I am behind by 2 weeks but I am not because the first 3 books are actually much thicker than the last three. So overall I might be behind by about 1 a week. I should be able to make this time up as Winter ends and have less weekend obligations.

should be done all the practice problems in QBank by end of March or April 6th Do a Schwesers practice test 1, and find my weakness. Spend another 2 weeks on Ethics and FSA to make sure i really know that portion. End of April, beginning of May week will be partying till i drop. Maybe a couple review hours between waking,working, and partying. May week2: review my weakness May Week3: 1 CFA practice exam/review wrong answers May week4: if i do bad, review material… if i do good do another practice exam May week5: Schweser practice exam 2 June: maybe take a week off of work, do another couple CFA practice exams and review as needed, and if i do good again, make sure i really have the FSA portion down, as well as ethics.

Please tell me Books 4,5 and 6 are much less dense and easier reads versus the first three books. The accounting book is killing me!!!

Although books 4,5 and 6 are not quite as hard read as the FSA (which I would call it the book the most challenging), there contain a lot of info…and they are very important. Remember that Asset Valuation - which is a big chunk of the exam - is book 4,5,6.

March 31 - QBank Finished April 1 - 20 review problem areas April 20 - June 7th QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS incuding CFA Text, Qbank exams, book 6 and 7

By the first week in april. I will be done reading. At that time i will just hit passmater and every question i can find. first wk in may - CFA free mock exam. then depending on that I may pay for more to sharpen weak areas. Hit stalla and schwer until exam day. Review material the practice questions show that i am weak in.

Hey, I was wondering, how important are books 4, 5, 6 for Level 1? I mean, do we need to study them as intensely as books 1, 2, 3? So far, I have gone through books 1 - 4, and almost done with 5. If anybody can let me know if we need to really know the stuff in the last few books, it would save me a lot of time, so that I can get started on the practice questions. I am giving Level 1 in June 08. Thanks.

Books 4, 5, 6 should be important - Estimated breakup should be somewhat like - Corporate Finance: 0 - 5 % Portfolio Mgmt : 10 % Equities : 10 % Fixed Income : 12 % AI + Derivatives : 5-10% or more That makes it: 37 - 47% approx for book 4, 5 & 6. Currently I am reading Equities and hope to complete the first reading of the syllabus by April 1st week. Have left a part of Econ. to do later, which I would want to spend another 3-4 days. I have not yet been revising backwards while moving forward. So I feel that I would give a fast review to all Syllabus along with Questions this time in April - inorder to retain the material properly. Hope to be on QBank & CFAI tests for April - May.

I have finished all the books, but I feel like I don’t remember much of it at all. Therefore I am utilizing Qbank and reviewing, FSA first. Can anyone else relate? How well is the material sticking? I’m not worrying yet, but this does bother me.

I wanna finish book 4 by Friday and then the other books before the 2nd week of April. Review the rest of April mainly FSA and Fixed Income. Hopefully start the practice exams by the first week of May. I just finished undergrad yesterday, so I will have a little more free to time study in the next few weeks until my work takes me full time. Anyone else getting antsy? Crunch time.

Its amazing to see some of the aggressive schedules. I wish if I could cover it that fast.

Have any of you guys been doing the review tests for the past topics? I am finishing SS9 of FSA and I haven’t had chance to go over the past topics yet. Every time I plan on doing it, I end up starting a new session.

i’m actually doing my CFA1 exam in december so i have from now till end of october to study and then review for a month. I have not finished my study schedule yet, but i’ve finished readings 1 and 2. It’s a pretty comprehensive curriculum so i will need to manage my time carefully. I work full time as well, so i’m still trying to adapt to it!

How do you practice questions- after each study session? I assume you will score high but if you read everything and do the complete tests your score might be low. I was wondering what is the best way to go about it considering that I have Schweser Q bank. S

I have been studying since November - doing the readings, making flashcards using the LOS summary on Q back, doing the LOS questions on Q-bank, then the reading questions, then the Study session questions. Also, did all the concept checkers in Schweser and most of the CFAI end of chapter questions. I am just finished reading 73 last night. I have been doing 60 question exams from Q bank on material covered thus far every couple weeks. My plan is to finish all curriculum by April 1st, at which time I will re-read schweser notes during April and do practise questions along the way. All of May is devoted to practise exams - books 6 & 7 from Schweser, the 3 samples and 2 mock exams from CFAI and many, many exams generated from q bank.

My plan is the same as I use in my mathematics studies. Read, redo all examples in the text + doing excercises on each part (concept checkers). I am planning to finish this part in a couple of weeks. After that it’s all about solving problems from the Q-bank, and then doing test exams. So that means, finish up the reading by week 15, 5 weeks of topic-by-topic Q-bank exams and 3 weeks of mock exams (hopefully one a day, I’m a student so I probably got more time than many of you professionals) I know from my mathematics studies that solving problems is an easier way to memorize than by just reading the material again and again. And since I don’t have an academic economical background I found this website helpful: as an introduction to each topic.