Shark Tank

I love this show, but for some reason I cannot take Daymond John seriously. He got lucky, rode FUBU off the back of his friend Coolio, and now thinks he’s some sort of marketing genius? Everyone else seems pretty cool.

Here’s one of my favorite products, HyConn

good show

Dang that HyConn was tight.

must see tv in the T. Fergeson household. i wish my kids were a bit older so i could make them watch it.

It’s one of the few businessy shows that my gf will watch with me. It’s fun to debate whether a product has legs and then try and figure out which person will invest in it. Good stuff

another favorite

i want to draw a cat for you

Shark Tank kicks ass. Have you all see the “Dragon’s Den” BBC series that it was modeled after (there was also an Aussie version)? Another great show, but the ideas on Shark Tank are much better. On Dragon’s Den, probably 60% of the ideas were total crap, and a lot of the guys couldn’t even get through their pitch.

I watch Shark Tank with my 5 yr old son all the time. I was also surprised when he pointed out someone in one of his kid-movies and said he looks like “that Larry Kudlow guy that you watch”.

Kevin O’Leary is something else. One of the most charismatic person on television today.