Sharp Seminars in NY

Anyone have an opinion on either the NY Sharp weekly program or the 6 week review? Been a Schweser guy up to now, but haven’t heard great things about them at LIII on the instructor side.

I took Sharp weekly program for Level II back in 2004 on a recommendation and was extremely disappointed (failed the exam). The guy basically read his notes to you during the 3-hour class and the mock exams were a joke. He couldn’t hold the j-strap of my Schweser instructor (Nathan Ronen) for Level II and Level III (passed both times). Different things work for different people, but I would go with Schweser / NYSSA.

I took Sharp for L2 in 2006…last 6 weeks Review…I stopped going after 3 weeks, it was to painful to sit through.

I took the Sharp 6 weeks review for Level II last year and passed first time. I also had CFAI books and used Schweser (started to prep in Arpil following surgery so used the “best” of what each method had to offer). I found Sharp useful because the questions were structured to enhance one’s overall understanding of the topic in a progressive fashion (even though some of them seemed basic). By contrast, I found Schweser’s questions frustrating - some of the insights were buried in the answers so I was missing key points that tripped me up when the questions were asked in a different way. Yes, the Sharp class itself may be a bit dry (do questions and read through answers), but the instructor was helpful when I had specific questions. I found it more useful than the Schweser 3 weekend review (which I will not do again) or the Schweser 3 day review (did for Level I - passed first time as well). I didn’t have the notes so can’t compare them to Schweser (which I do like). I only used CFAI when Schweser didn’t give me enought background.

But comparing apples (Sharp seminar) to oranges (3 day seminars)

I attended and worked problems from the Sharp review courses for I and II and passed and will also for III. I also use some Schweser products every year to gain additional perspective. I read all the CFAI book materials and work their problems. I also did the tests on the CFA Institute website. I stay with Sharp because I am successful there.

As I said above, different things work for different people. Bon chance on Level III!