Shift workers

I understand that you need to eat too. I used to do shift work, and it sucks. 30 minutes for lunch doesn’t go very far.

But next time you send one person to pick up 13 different orders, can you please put it all on one ticket and pay cash? Please do not write your order on a sticky note and put the sticky note on your debit card, and make the poor “gopher” order each order separately and pay each bill separately. There must be a better way to order.

Carry on.

Apparantly it be like that in Texas.

I applaud the sentiment, but I’m not convinced that you’re reaching your target audience here.

Were you involved in an incident?

Two separate incidents in two days, in fact.

But you’re OK, yes?

No broken bones or anything?

There are apps that can be used to split the bill to the cent. So person 1 pays for everyone and then the others pay him back on the app. It’s really convenient and hassle-free.


waht is this about? liek delviery workers?

The cluelessness amuses me.

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Apparently it’s a space-saving feature.