Shipping to India

Folks in India, How long does it typically take for the books to reach your Indian Address (A big city) from the day you register. I took my LI and LII from US , flunked LII and now I ll take them from India. I am going to order them while I am here, but to an Indian Address. (Somehow ordering them in dollars makes it look a bit less expensive than ordering them in Indian Rupees :-)) Also, any news about whether we can start taking the exam in India yet ?

It should take around 7-10 business days. The issue with the CFA exam is not resolved yet in my opinion. Assuming that you may need to take the test outside india. I am on the same boat, flunked level II and have to retake it. Dollars sound cheaper especially with it weakening.

The hearing is on the 29th. hope something positive comes out of it. I got mine within a week. 5-7 days at max

I’m not in India but it took four days to ship to Europe; I got my package today at 4 pm.