Shocked at the results - why is re-calculating your score an option?

a retab only gets a person to handmark you scantron answer sheet to the scantron answer key that they are provided. the odds that there are more than one or two differing answers are practically non existent unless you erassed your entire way through the exam.

i feel for you as I always wondered whether the issues with the CFAI’s sloppy practice tests could potentially transfer to the actual exam and its answer key(s)

C.F.A. doesn’t stand for Chartered Financial Analyst. Thought it was an ironic twist as it’s one of the companies I happen to own. Don’t really feel like addressing this right now obviously.

This is honestly how I feel. Particularly in the FRA / Equity sections which seemed relatively straight forward. When it comes to FRA there’s very little guess work, it’s generally just memorizing the rules and how they are applied so it’s just so difficult to comprehend what went wrong.

But… I will pay the $100 and keep being optimistic, and if nothing happens (which appears to be the case 100% of the time) I will move on with my life and just start all over from the beginning.

Failing a test is not the end of the world.

If you have spare change sure, go for it! You will not be at peace with yourself if you don’t exhaust every way to verify your score.

Personally $100 is not a lot of money at all, but i just wouldn’t want to get my hopes up and prolong the healing process. Especially knowing CFAI would only run the scantron again and do nothing else, it’s unlikely they will get a different result. I am a keen believer if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


From previous threads about retabulation, there is no remarking of your answers. They simply have someone look at your scantron sheet and tally up the ones marked correct, as opposed to having the computer count your correct answers the first time around. If it makes you feel better, pay 100$, but I think you have a good attitude with “it’s not the end of the world”, because it really isn’t.

Think I would go for retab in your situation. The problem is that if you really knew your stuff you may have screwed up when filling out the ovals and a retab would not help there.

I know myself and if I thought there was an 80% chance I passed, then I passed.

I would recommend you to go for retabulation. But I have real doubts that you might have fallen in every trap that they set up.

I failed lvl 2 once and like many of you here, i got a band 10 fail…and the first thing that comes to my mind is of course to retabulate the results…after paying the $100, i feel that i am an idiot (cos i failed the exam and to make thing worse, i paid $100 for something that would not change anything). The $100 could have been use to treat your best friend/family… You may have failed the exam, but at least your $100 gained you true happiness/support from your friends and familes…Both you and i know, it is highly unlikely that they will change the results…

Sample CFAI Response:

As requested, your … CFA?examination was manually retabulated to ensure that no errors were made in the scoring of your examination. Your answer sheets were verified by candidate number and name. Your marked answers were compared to the answer key and your score was compared to your score in the CFA Institute computer database. No errors were found and your original score remains unchanged.

This is very important, "Your marked answers were compared to the answer key and your score was compared to your score in the CFA Institute computer database"

That’s a bit more comforting, that they actually took the time to physically examine the paper.

well, that’s what they say anyway.

but at least you know where the $100 goes.